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Practical info

It's not always necessary to make a reservation with us. The long weekends in May and June are the only times of the year that we are fully booked (check Easter, Hemelvaart, Pinksteren en the first of may holidays in Belgium for exact dates!). A reservation can be made via our reservation system or just via e-mail. If you do not have a reservation, that's no problem, everything can be arranged on the spot.

Arrivals and departures:
Arrivals are possible from noon untill late in the evening. Departures are normally before noon, unless it's not too crowded then you are free to stay a bit longer if you want.
Arriving early? Again, if not too crowded that should be no problem.
Renting an accomodation? Arrival is not possible before 3 PM, departures before noon please.
If you're arriving late, we have an intercom system next to our gate on which you can always reach us. We can open the gate from a distance and let you in, the rest can be arranged for the day after.

Mail: info@campinghoutum.be
Phone: 0032 14 85 92 16
Adres: Camping Houtum, Houtum 39, 2460 Kasterlee, Belgium (continue on the road untill you see a big plate that says 'WELCOME! CAMPING HOUTUM')
Coordinates: N 51.233049, E 4.977869

Openinghours reception:
April - September:
All day from 9 AM untill 20 PM

October - March:
Mon - Wed - Fri: 9 to 12 AM and 2 to 5 PM
Sat - Sun: 9 to 12 AM

Tues- en thursdays closed.
Dec - Jan - Feb: Wednesdays also closed.
Arrivals and departures are possible everyday, there is always someone in the vicinity to help you, just no regular opening hours for the reception. Thank you!